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Sadly, on this day, 22nd November 1963, President John F. Kennedy died.

In the autumn of 1963, President John F. Kennedy and his advisers had started planning for the next presidential campaign. On November 12th, he held the first important political planning meeting where JFK stressed the importance of winning Florida and Texas and discussed his plans to visit both states over the next two weeks. On November 21, the president and first lady departed on Air Force One for the two-day, five-city tour of Texas. On November 22, a crowd of several thousand stood outside the Texas Hotel where the Kennedys had spent the night. The presidential party left the hotel and went by motorcade to Carswell Air Force Base for the short flight to Dallas. Arriving at Love Field, President and Mrs. Kennedy disembarked and immediately walked toward a fence where well-wishers had gathered, they spent time shaking hands. The first lady received a bouquet of red roses, which she brought with her to the waiting limousine. The procession left the airport and travelled a ten-mile route through down town Dallas, it turned off Main Street at 12:30 p.m. and as it was passing the Texas School Book Depository, gunfire suddenly rang out, bullets struck the president and he slumped towards his wife. The car sped to Parkland Memorial Hospital a few minutes away, a Catholic priest was summoned to administer the last rites, and at 1:00 p.m. John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead.

A sad day for not only his family but the world.


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I was born and live in rural North Wales (UK) and found poetry again after a lifetime, so grateful I did :)

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