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Haiku – Fog

Karol Wiśniewski

Morning, I have just read Mar’s blog ‘Micro-Seasons’ which I can thoroughly recommend by the way and this week he continues to discuss the micro-seasons within First Autumn, established in 1685 by Japanese astronomer Shibuka Shunkai this recent blog he talks about the micro-season of “Thick Fog Blankets the Sky”.

Each week Mark also adds in haikus that relate to the subject in question and he now gives us the readers, a challenge to write our own, which this week is, naturally ‘fog’. Why not have a go, this is the link

Here is my haiku for the ‘Thick Fog Blankets the Sky’:


Published by poetisatinta

I was born and live in rural North Wales (UK) and found poetry again after a lifetime, so grateful I did :)

3 thoughts on “Haiku – Fog

  1. Lovely haiku! It is slightly reminiscent of Issa’s haiku about the horse knowing the holes in the bridge. Wonderful and thanks for participating and sharing! Did you also take that picture?

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