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Happy Celtic New Year

Calan Gaeaf/Samhain

Welcomed to the first day of the Celtic new year, last night as part of the ancient ritual a festival of fire took place in various places around the nations. Among the ancient Celts, the year was seen to be divided into a light half and a dark half. As the day was seen as beginning at sunset, so the year was seen as beginning with the arrival of the darkness, at Calan Gaeaf (Welsh) / Samhain (Gaelic) around 1st November. To celebrate I wrote this verse:


Published by poetisatinta

I was born and live in rural North Wales (UK) and found poetry again after a lifetime, so grateful I did :)

8 thoughts on “Happy Celtic New Year

  1. LOVE this one!! Adding it to the poems I wish to ‘memorize’, recite to share with others! Absolutely Beautiful to my heart – Thank you A.J. Wilson for your talents & gifts of beauty that raise the fire in my heart to combat the cold I let in!!!!! πŸ˜€

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