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Friday Fictioneers

Hi, this week Rochelle has shared the interesting photo prompt above from Jennifer Pendergast, As usual we are asked to write a piece of flash in 100 words inspired by the image. Here is my tale (I hope Jennifer doesn’t mind me snipping her photo!) 🙂

dVerse’s three-way split

Today at dVerse’s bar, Laura Bloomsbury has set the challenge, to choose ONE of these threesomes as the theme: sun; moon, earth or, Godhead Trinity/God/Father, Jesus/Son, Holy Spirit or yin, yang, oneness. There has to be three numbered or titled stanzas. Here is mine enttiled – Trilogy of Oneness

#Writephoto Challenge

Hi, this week KL has furnished us with a pretty photo of an ornate chandelier as inspiration for our ekphrastic poem. I was also prompted to try a ‘Cherita’, (consisting of a one-line stanza, followed by a two-line, and finishing with a three-line stanza), after reading one, I think in Tanka Tuesday, although I mightContinue reading “#Writephoto Challenge”

Tanka Tuesday

This week Colleen’s challenge is a photo prompt (above) from her photographer friend, Terri Webster Schrandt. It’s of Nine Mile Falls, Lake Spokane, some beautiful colours. Here is my Haiku, thanks for looking 🙂 March river waters mist from the falls hits my eyes leaves me evergreen A J Wilson ©


Hi, today David himself is POW 🙂 and he has given us a nice simple challenge, no format or wordcount, just to write a poem from the perspective of an inanimate household object, using personification. Here is one of my favourite Kitchen friends 🙂

Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s day – this year the campaign is focussing on Equity, the theme is to get the world talking about why equal opportunities aren’t enough. Equality is of course vital, where each person or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. But, Equity recognises that each person has different circumstances, and thereforeContinue reading “Women’s Day”