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Well I have come to the party late on this one, found it through Tetiana Aleksina blog and The challenge I chose was to write ten sentences on “Beauty”, each sentence to have “six words” one of which must be “beauty” and ending with a favourite quote on “beauty“. So here we go: “BeautyContinue reading “Beauty”


Prompts X 3

Happy Monday everyone, here’s to a peaceful and productive week. For this week, Ladyjaberwocky has asked we write a poem or story with “Camp” as the focus, Fandango’s prompt for today is “Outrageous” and Ragtag’s is “Mustard”, (see links below). I have included all three in my poem:

Weekend Prompts

Sammi’s word prompt to get our creativity flowing this weekend is ‘Provocative’ – and the piece is to be written in 62 words, I have combined this with Fandango’s word for the day which is ‘Spent’ and also Ragtag’s which is ‘Doormat’. The links to their sites are below, my poem was inspired by theContinue reading “Weekend Prompts”