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Hi, again I am taking on one of murisopsis’s poetry forms from, ‘My Name scavenger hunt’, see link: This is the penultimate one for me, the Bryant, in 1977 Viola Berg described the Bryant, as observations of nature as metaphor for the social and political world around us. This stanzaic form is patterned afterContinue reading “Bryant”


Green Roots

Hi my poem Green Roots was published last week, in The Festival for Poetry, the site is worth looking at if you like submitting your pieces: Green Roots Leaving behind my nan’sembroidered tablecloth,I find the garden gate has its ownweathered patina and thatthe grass has stained my pumps. Under giant umbrella plantsmy childhood wasContinue reading “Green Roots”

Thunder Lowers Its Voice

Hi it’s Monday and once again a new week of writing calls. This week in Mark’s blog on ‘Micro-Seasons‘, he discussed the mini-season of Autumn Equinox (秋分 Shūbun), the first micro-season is ‘Thunder Lowers Its Voice (Sep 22 – Sep 27)’. Each week Mark includes haikus that relate to the subject and gives an invitationContinue reading “Thunder Lowers Its Voice”

Weekend Writing Prompt

Hi, hope everyone is having a good Saturday, today Sammi has set her weekend challenge (see link below), to write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 82 words using the word “viable” or a variation of it. Here is my poem in 82 words entitled ‘The sixth planet’, – not quiet sure whyContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt”

Haiku – ‘White Dew on Grass’

Hi, hope you are well, I really enjoyed reading Mark’s blog on ‘Micro-Seasons‘. This week he discusses the mini-season of White Dew, “White Dew on Grass” being the first of the mini-season. Each week Mark adds haikus that relate to the subject in question and gives us an invitation to write our own haiku orContinue reading “Haiku – ‘White Dew on Grass’”


Hello ‘Weavers’, a W3 prompt hosted by David (see link below), this week Britta has been selected as POW with her beautiful poem entitled ‘‘Boots on the ground”. Britta guidelines are to write a prose poem inspired by the theme of ‘love’. It has been a good few years since I have tried prose poetryContinue reading “W3”

“The Cotton Lint Opens”

Hi, just read Mark’s blog ‘Micro-Seasons’, this week he discusses the first micro-season “The Cotton Lint Opens” within the mini-season of Limit of Heat. Each week Mark adds haikus that relate to the subject and offers a challenge to write our own, which this week is relating to ‘cotton’. Why not have a go, thisContinue reading ““The Cotton Lint Opens””

Haiku – Fog

Morning, I have just read Mar’s blog ‘Micro-Seasons’ which I can thoroughly recommend by the way and this week he continues to discuss the micro-seasons within First Autumn, established in 1685 by Japanese astronomer Shibuka Shunkai this recent blog he talks about the micro-season of “Thick Fog Blankets the Sky”. Each week Mark also addsContinue reading “Haiku – Fog”

W3 Prompt 15

Hello ‘Weavers’,welcome to the 15th week of W3 prompt hosted by David (see link below), Sylvia has chosen a lovely poem by Britta Benson – ‘Longing for water’ as this weeks prompt poem. Britta’s guidelines are to write a poem which includes the name of a city, town or village. My poem is entitled ‘IContinue reading “W3 Prompt 15”