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Poetry Inspired by Nature

I was inspired by the post by Mark on celebrating nature through poetry please see below, It made me think about the many poems with nature at their heart which have touched me over the years and there are hundreds! One of the first was by Shakespeare in the Tempest, it is perhaps more ofContinue reading “Poetry Inspired by Nature”

Three Things Challenge

I am grateful to Tessa for this prompt (check the link below) very helpful for my pledge to write a poem a day for July, I have combined both the TTC and the visual prompt for my poem:

Happy World Ocean Day

We can all help to support and grow the global movement to protect at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030 – 30 by 30. A healthy ocean is a critical part of the solution to the climate crisis. we can protect our planet’s life support systems – specifically the interconnected issues of ocean, climate, andContinue reading “Happy World Ocean Day”

World Environment Day 2021

The preservation of natural habitats and the restoration of ecosystems around the world is crucial for all who inhabit and will inhabit our planet. Volunteers, activists, political leaders and all citizens everywhere, have a role to play in order to Restore Our Earth. Reimagine. Recreate. Restore – see the poem by Jordan Sanchez, theContinue reading “World Environment Day 2021”