You are Enough

We are all forced to face the idea of ‘perfection’ every day, so no wonder we feel we are not good enough. Perfection doesn’t exist and we can waste precious time trying to get to that unreachable point. By chance I came across the above Jacob Nordby quote which I love and from this IContinue reading “You are Enough”

Zen Inspiration

The origin of Zen – The Buddha is said to have given a “silent sermon”, he held up a flower and gazed at it, after a while, a monk called Mahakasyapa, began to smile. He is said to have been the only one who had understood the sermon. According to legend, that smile (that isContinue reading “Zen Inspiration”

Poetry – Helping the Healing Process

I firmly believe that poetry can help the healing process, it is pertinent to think of this today the 20th anniversary of disaster that was 9/11. It was therefore no accident that after 9/11, poems could be found in many places, on the internet, in newspapers, magazines, books, read out on the television, radio andContinue reading “Poetry – Helping the Healing Process”

Writing is Healing

Writing is a powerful tool and can act as a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. Everyone needs to make meaning of their lives, this is particularly true of trauma survivors where self expression is often trapped within the body unable to be verbalised, sometimes it is good to do some mediation or Breath-worksContinue reading “Writing is Healing”

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