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Prosery – Tulips & Chimneys

Hi, Linda is hosting dVerse’s Prosery, where we are invited to write prose incorporating part of a poem, in 144 words. The prompt comes from Tulips & Chimneys, by E. E. Cummings, ‘In the street of the sky night walks scattering poems.’ Here is my piece of flash fiction, thanks for looking 🙂


Hello ‘Weavers’, welcome to W3 prompt hosted by David, the Skeptic Kaddish:, I am really happy the chosen POW is Steven S Wallace, his prompt is to write a poem after reading the short poem ‘Superiority to Fate’ by one of my favourite poets Emily Dickinson. Here is my poem ‘Inferiority to destiny’, thanksContinue reading “W3”


Hi, again I am taking on one of murisopsis’s poetry forms from, ‘My Name scavenger hunt’, see link: This is the penultimate one for me, the Bryant, in 1977 Viola Berg described the Bryant, as observations of nature as metaphor for the social and political world around us. This stanzaic form is patterned afterContinue reading “Bryant”

Green Roots

Hi my poem Green Roots was published last week, in The Festival for Poetry, the site is worth looking at if you like submitting your pieces: Green Roots Leaving behind my nan’sembroidered tablecloth,I find the garden gate has its ownweathered patina and thatthe grass has stained my pumps. Under giant umbrella plantsmy childhood wasContinue reading “Green Roots”

The Emmett

Hi, hope you are having an enjoyable weekend, the inspiration for this poem is once more from murisopsis and her post ‘My Name scavenger hunt’, where she has selected a number of poetry forms which have names, please see link: Today I have chosen, ‘The Emmett’, created by Dorothy Hester in 2012, titled afterContinue reading “The Emmett”


Hi, I always seem to come late to this! But this week dVerse is hosted by Merril from southern New Jersey, and she is spicing things up. We are invited to write a poem taking the names from a list of spices provided (see link: I found it so much fun 🙂 Here isContinue reading “dVerse”

Bibliographic Profile Acrostic Poem

Hi, the inspiration for this poem is once again from murisopsis’s ‘My Name scavenger hunt’ where she’s selected a number of poetry forms which have names, please see below: Murisopsis has suggested using song titles from Cuban singer Ovi, however I have taken the liberty of featuring one of my favourite poets John Donne.Continue reading “Bibliographic Profile Acrostic Poem”

The Wagtail Calls

It’s Monday and a new week of writing beckons! In Mark’s blog on ‘Micro-Seasons‘. he discussed the mini-season of White Dew, ‘The Wagtail Calls’ (Sep 12 – Sep 16) is the second micro-season of the mini-season of White Dew. Each week Mark adds haikus that relate to the subject in question and gives us anContinue reading “The Wagtail Calls”

An Emmett Poem

Hi the inspiration for this poem is another one from murisopsis’s ‘My Name scavenger hunt’ she has selected a number of poetry forms which have names, have a look: I have chosen the ‘Emmett’ poem, where the first line is five WORDS long. Each word of the first line becomes the first word ofContinue reading “An Emmett Poem”