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Writer – Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy was born on this day, May 28th 1939 in Dublin (1939 – 2012) she is one of my favourite authors. She told marvellous stories, mostly located in Ireland, dealing with the tensions between urban and rural life.. Although times may change, people remain the same: they fall in love, they have dreams; friendships,Continue reading “Writer – Maeve Binchy”


Three Prompts In One

Hi, today my poem is inspired by three prompts, the first is the W3 Prompt #4, poem by Kerf with the guidance of writing a poem in 16 lines or less with the first and the last being the same. Also I have incorporated Fandango’s word prompt – ‘Array‘ and Ragtag’s ‘Checkered‘, thanks for stoppingContinue reading “Three Prompts In One”

Visual Poetry

‘Visual’ poetry is literary verse written on the page with intentional form to add meaning to the poem. it is written to resemble a shape usually reflecting the subject of the poem. So in visual poetry the art is in the visual arrangement of text, images or symbols. The physical shape of a poem can beContinue reading “Visual Poetry”

Tips to Release Creativity

Getting Writer’s Block is unfortunately common for some of us, here are a few ideas that may help Using prompts can be a good way of releasing your imagination, sometimes a single word or a phrase can spark your creative juices. Open a book and read out a random sentence – what picture does thisContinue reading “Tips to Release Creativity”