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Weekend Writing

Sammi’s weekend writing Prompt #294, this weekend we are challenged to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 100 words using the word “Script”. Here is my poem ‘Performance’ in 100 words (including the title) Also it’s post 15 for Penny’s January challenge



Hi, our prompt for #JusJoJan from Linda is a Stream of Consciousness, to start our post with “Once upon a time,” then write whatever comes to mind, whether it be fact or fiction. It’s also the fourteenth post for Penny’s January challenge

dVerse – #JusJoJan

Hi , this is the first MTB prompt of 2023 at dVerse hosted by Laura Bloomsbury, who asks us to compose a ‘Found’ poem, taking the very first lines from each poem month by month from January 2022, 12 is the minimal amount of lines in total. No additions are permitted other than tense, prepositionContinue reading “dVerse – #JusJoJan”

Friday Fictioneers

Hi, it’s Friday 13th so maybe time for a scary story for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers , this weeks prompt image above is provided by Fleur Lind which inspired my story ‘Homeward-bound‘ in 100 words, thanks for reading 🙂

JusJoJan – W3

Hi fellow Weavers, David has posted the POW who is Sarah David, with her lovely poem ‘Fruitful’,, Sarah’s prompt guidelines are to write a poem of 14 lines or less on the theme of “dreams”. It is also my eleventh post for JusJoJan thanks for looking 🙂

JusJoJan – Prompt

Hi, Lady Jabberwocky’s prompt for this week is ‘whale’ we are asked to write a poem or story featuring this word,, this is combined with Linda’s daily prompt for #JusJoJan which is ‘Periwinkle’ and it’s also my tenth post Penny Wilson’s January challenge and dVerse Poetics too 🙂 thanks for looking 🙂

 JusJoJan – Flash Photo

Hi, in this blog I have combined the JusJoJan prompt of ‘endurance’ from Linda , #FFFC’s flash challenge for this week which is the photo below, and it’s also post number 9 of Penny Wilson’s January challenge thanks for looking 🙂