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Poetry Inspired by Nature

I was inspired by the post by Mark on celebrating nature through poetry please see below, It made me think about the many poems with nature at their heart which have touched me over the years and there are hundreds! One of the first was by Shakespeare in the Tempest, it is perhaps more ofContinue reading “Poetry Inspired by Nature”

Willy Russell

Happy Birthay! William Russell was born on the outskirts of Liverpool on this day 23 August in 1947, he is a very talented dramatist, writer, lyricist and composer. He left school, aged 15 to become a hairdresser, but at 20 he decided to go to Saint Katherine’s College in Liverpool and qualified as a teacher.Continue reading “Willy Russell”

Creative Poetry

Sometimes it’s interesting to think of a concept or feeling, consider writing a poem about being optimistic, it could be about taking hold of the day – seizing opportunity. Maybe write about a time in your life when you achieved this or about what and how you will achieve in the future. Or simply writeContinue reading “Creative Poetry”

Contemporary Haiku

Today, poets don’t have to write haiku that solely focus on nature, a contemporary haiku can explore any subject. Although in the example below Kerouac conforms to tradition. “Above all, a haiku must be very simple and free of all poetic trickery and make a little picture and yet be as airy and graceful asContinue reading “Contemporary Haiku”

The Haiku

I love the haiku, it is a way of looking at the world and seeing something profound, in what appears to be its simplicity. The haiku poem consists of 3 lines, the original Japanese haiku adhere to strict rules regarding form and content consisting of seventeen ‘moras’ or linguistic units which we can refer toContinue reading “The Haiku”