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Friday Fictioneers

Hi, Friday again and that can only mean one thing, Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers 🙂 we have the inspiring photo above from Miles Rost for our piece of flash fiction in 100 words. I was astonished today as I just began writing and when I ended the story and counted the words – 102 –Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers”

March’s Magnetic Words

Hi, happy St David’s Day from Wales, and what could be more appropriate for today than some daffodils and a magnetic tiles verse, it’s that time of the year 🙂 Thanks for stopping by ❤ A Season’s Secret a season’s secret nature cold and bright listen let light murmur and in dark shade watch daffodilsContinue reading “March’s Magnetic Words”


Hi, and Happy St David’s Day Selma is POW for David’s W3 following her great Haibun last week. Selma’s guidelines are to write a ‘prose poem’ in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow. The format for the ‘prose poem’ will be like a breaking good news story thatContinue reading “W3”

Poetic Friends 

At dVerse’s Poetics today, Punam challenges us to choose an opening line from a blogger friend’s poem (with permission/acknowledgement) and use it in our poem on friendship. The form/style/length is up to us I am very pleased that Grace agreed I could utilise the first line of her poem ‘Phrase’ – ‘A single phraseContinue reading “Poetic Friends “

Magnetic Words

Hi, hope Monday was good for everyone, a bit late today as I have been spending time with my daughter who I haven’t seen for a while, it was so great to see her 🙂 Here is a poem from the Original Magnetic Poetry Kit I love playing around with these magnetic poetry tilesContinue reading “Magnetic Words”

Saturday’s Prompts

HI, this week Sammi has given us the word ‘midnight‘ for our weekend writing prompt, we are to write something utilising it in exactly 94 words. I have also included Fandango one-word challenge for today which is ‘renew‘, thanks for looking 🙂 The Land of the Midnight Sun in a magical world withContinue reading “Saturday’s Prompts”


Hi, in Mark’s blog on Micro-Seasons this week,, he shows that we have entered the micro-season of “Haze First Covers the Sky”, the second micro-season of the mini-season Rain Water. So Mark invites us to write a haiku or senryu that references haze or spring mists. in a blue sky a light mist gathersContinue reading “Micro-Seasons”