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The Haiku

I love the haiku, it is a way of looking at the world and seeing something profound, in what appears to be its simplicity. The haiku poem consists of 3 lines, the original Japanese haiku adhere to strict rules regarding form and content consisting of seventeen ‘moras’ or linguistic units which we can refer toContinue reading “The Haiku”


Creative Poetry Practice

One of the great things about writing poetry is that you are never incorrect, what constitutes a good or bad poem is merely in the eye of the reader. However, creative poetry requires regular practice, the more time you give to your craft the more creative you become. Try to make time to write eachContinue reading “Creative Poetry Practice”

Philip Arthur Larkin

Philip Larkin, (1922-85) was born on this day, August 9, 1922, in Coventry UK, he was an English poet, novelist, and librarian. He attended the City’s King Henry VIII School between 1930 and 1940, and made regular contributions to the school magazine, which he also helped to edit. He went to St. John’s College, Oxford,Continue reading “Philip Arthur Larkin”