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Another comic verse is the famous, limerick, usually humorous and frequently rude, they follow a pattern, the first, second and fifth lines have the same rhythm and rhyme: AABBA The origin of the word ‘limerick’ is thought to be after the City or County of Limerick in Ireland in the early 1800’s, the form wasContinue reading “Limerick”

Nonsense Poetry

Following on from yesterday’s comic theme, let’s discuss nonsense poems, well they do what they say ‘on the tin’ – don’t always make sense sometimes they have made up words to describe things, or just to make a nice sound. Nonsense poems, often use made up words, mixed up with real words – they areContinue reading “Nonsense Poetry”

Comic Verse

Humorous verse usually presents extraordinary or fantastical situations for entertainment, often focussing on the way words sound. There are no fixed rules around it either in the rhyme or rhythm but hopefully it sounds good when read out loud! The one below, is by one of favourite comedians and writers Spike Milligan (1918–2002), it hasContinue reading “Comic Verse”