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Thomas Buchanan Buchan

Thomas Buchanan Buchan (1931-1995) was born on this day in 1931, he was a poet, playwright and novelist. Born in Glasgow, to the son of a Protestant minister, and educated at Jordanhill College School, Balfron High School, Aberdeen High School and finally the University of Glasgow where he achieved an MA (Hons) in English literatureContinue reading “Thomas Buchanan Buchan”


Comic Verse

Humorous verse usually presents extraordinary or fantastical situations for entertainment, often focussing on the way words sound. There are no fixed rules around it either in the rhyme or rhythm but hopefully it sounds good when read out loud! The one below, is by one of favourite comedians and writers Spike Milligan (1918–2002), it hasContinue reading “Comic Verse”

Dreams as Inspiration

In 1996 psychiatrist, Ernest Hartmann wrote that dreams are explanatory metaphors in mostly visual form: “The dream pictures metaphorically the overall state – especially the emotional state – of the dreamer….‘I am drowning in a tidal wave’ is a metaphorical description for the emotional state of the dreamer involving terror and vulnerability.” Elements of ourContinue reading “Dreams as Inspiration”

Inspired to write a Golden Shovel Poem

‘Start Close In’, a poem by poet and author, David Whyte, was an inspiration please watch and hear him recite it, it is beautiful “The poet lives and writes at the frontier between deep internal experience and the revelations of the outer world. There is no going back once this frontier has been reached; aContinue reading “Inspired to write a Golden Shovel Poem”

Creative Practice – Copywork

I came across the practice of ‘copywork’, literally copying word for word from a selected text, poem. According to Kathryn Koromilas it helps writers block see what she writes below, she has a number of sessions running as part of the the Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival on Instagram. It’s the last day of NaPoWriMo – incredibleContinue reading “Creative Practice – Copywork”

The Haiku

I love the haiku, it is a way of looking at the world and seeing something profound, in what appears to be its simplicity. The haiku poem consists of 3 lines, the original Japanese haiku adhere to strict rules regarding form and content consisting of seventeen ‘moras’ or linguistic units which we can refer toContinue reading “The Haiku”