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Poetic Friends 

At dVerse’s Poetics today, Punam challenges us to choose an opening line from a blogger friend’s poem (with permission/acknowledgement) and use it in our poem on friendship. The form/style/length is up to us I am very pleased that Grace agreed I could utilise the first line of her poem ‘Phrase’ – ‘A single phraseContinue reading “Poetic Friends “

At the Bar with Zen Poetry

The last challenge for this year at dVerse is from Grace and it is to write a Zen poem, that has a focus on attaining moments of enlightenment, clarity of mind through an experiences. And a big thanks to all at dVerse for the wonderful challenges – wishing you all the joys of theContinue reading “At the Bar with Zen Poetry”

Candy Quadrille

Hi, Mish is our host at dVerse for the last quadrille of 2022 and it’s ‘candy’ time,, she ask us to use this word as a noun, verb or adjective for the quadrille. My poem is a bit of a Pix ‘n Mix, thanks for looking 🙂

Come Sing With Me!

Lillian in dVerse Poetics has selected 16 song titles representing a winter theme she invites us to create a poem using at least two of the titles, word for word, (however we can use enjambment and/or add punctuation between the words). I have included all here and added one additional – Wintertime Love by theContinue reading “Come Sing With Me!”

dVerse Prosery

Hi, In dVerse’s Prosery hosted by Lisa, she challenges us to incorporate the line ‘In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed’ from the poem “In Sullivan County” by Celia Dropkin, into a piece of prose. It can be flash fiction, non-fiction, or creative non-fiction, but it must be prose and not prose poetry and noContinue reading “dVerse Prosery”


Hi, I always seem to come late to this! But this week dVerse is hosted by Merril from southern New Jersey, and she is spicing things up. We are invited to write a poem taking the names from a list of spices provided (see link: I found it so much fun 🙂 Here isContinue reading “dVerse”


Hi Björn is hosting this week’s Meeting the Bar at the dVerse Poets Pub, with an aphorism prompt, (a statement that contains a truth revealed in a concise manner often they come with a pinch of humour). Björn’s challenge (see link ) is to formulate our own aphorisms or take an existing aphorism andContinue reading “D’Verse”