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dVerse Raspberry Poetics

Hi at dVerse Lillian is inviting us to look at the Golden Raspberry Awards and has given a selection of 13 film titles to use one or more in our poem, I like a challenge so have attempted to write my piece to include all 13 – so here goes 🙂

Jungle Dress

In dVerse’ Punam has raised the ‘Indian Connection’, and asked pick any four of the suggested words and use them in a poem on a topic of your choice. You can write in any form of your choice but preferably in rhyme. Thanks for looking 🙂

Mooning Around

Yesterday Sarah at dVerse invited us to take the moon as inspiration in a slightly different way: She wants us to think about the October full moon and take inspiration from the different names it’s been given in different places. I have chosen ‘The Blood Moon’. Thanks for reading 🙂

Vertical lines – dVerse

Hi, I am too late with this, but thought I would do it anyway! this week we were encouraged by Laura Bloomsbury at d’Verse to write a poem of one stanza using a line from a selection provided from Neil Carpathio’s poem which analyses Rodin’s sculpture “The Kiss”, for details follow the link: IContinue reading “Vertical lines – dVerse”