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One Word Challenge

Today Fandango’s one word challenge is ‘urge‘, we are asked to write, prose, poetry, or even present a picture that meets the challenge. Here is my poem, I have used the picture ‘Morning Breaking’ by Terry Davis as the background, thanks for looking 🙂 The death of night with bird song the death ofContinue reading “One Word Challenge”

One-Word Challenge

Hi, it’s been a while since I did this challenge, but today Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) is “intact.” We are invited to a post – prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction containing the word and tag it with  #FOWC. Thanks for looking :3 Intact how to you detect the soul in a blink of an eyeContinue reading “One-Word Challenge”

Saturday’s Prompts

HI, this week Sammi has given us the word ‘midnight‘ for our weekend writing prompt, we are to write something utilising it in exactly 94 words. I have also included Fandango one-word challenge for today which is ‘renew‘, thanks for looking 🙂 The Land of the Midnight Sun in a magical world withContinue reading “Saturday’s Prompts”