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“The Cotton Lint Opens”

Hi, just read Mark’s blog ‘Micro-Seasons’, this week he discusses the first micro-season “The Cotton Lint Opens” within the mini-season of Limit of Heat. Each week Mark adds haikus that relate to the subject and offers a challenge to write our own, which this week is relating to ‘cotton’. Why not have a go, thisContinue reading ““The Cotton Lint Opens””


Haiku – Fog

Morning, I have just read Mar’s blog ‘Micro-Seasons’ which I can thoroughly recommend by the way and this week he continues to discuss the micro-seasons within First Autumn, established in 1685 by Japanese astronomer Shibuka Shunkai this recent blog he talks about the micro-season of “Thick Fog Blankets the Sky”. Each week Mark also addsContinue reading “Haiku – Fog”

Creative Poetry Practice

One of the great things about writing poetry is that we are never ‘incorrect‘, what constitutes a good or bad poem is merely in the eye of the reader. Creative poetry however, requires regular practice, the more time we give to our craft the more creative we become. I make time to write each day,Continue reading “Creative Poetry Practice”