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Weekend Challenges

Hi, Sammi’s weekend challenge is to create a piece of writing in 51 words using the prompt ‘saunter‘, I am combining this with Fandango’s challenge for today which is to use the word ‘clairvoyant‘. You can see their links below. Here is my poem (sorry it is not 51 words though! ):

Weekend Challenges

For this weekend prompt, Sammi has offered the word ‘Widdershins’ to get our creative juices flowing – to write a poem or prose using this word or a derivative of it in exactly 75 words. I have also included Fandango’s One-Word Challenge is “dispute” (see the links below). Here is my poem: #bloganuary

One Word Challenge…One Word Challenge…?

Today the one word challenge from Fandango’s is “repetitive”, see his link below. In poetry repetition poems use of the same word, sounds or phrase multiple times, it could be a whole line or a whole stanza. Sometimes poems are circular, repeating the beginning and ending, it is one of the many fundamental poetic techniques,Continue reading “One Word Challenge…One Word Challenge…?”