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Micro-Season Haiku

Hi, this week in his blog Mark informs us we have entered the micro-season of “The Rainbow Hides Unseen”. This is the first micro-season of the mini-season Minor Snow. Mark invites us to write a haiku or senryu that references rainbows of any season. This one is my penultimate haiku for my NaNoBloMo, thanksContinue reading “Micro-Season Haiku”

Friday Fictioneers To The Rescue

Hi, its Friday once more and time for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers – the inspiration for my piece below is from the evocative photo above from Starsinclayjars :). Here is my piece of flash in 100 words.

First Winter

Hi, this haiku is inspired by Mark’s post , he notes that the second of the micro-seasons within First Winter is ‘The Earth First Freezes‘ (Nov. 13 – Nov 17) – hence my sixteenth haiku for my not NaNoBloMo.