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Sunday Muse

Hi, is it me or are the days coming around faster – it’s Sunday already 🙂 – and for this week’s Sunday Muse, Carrie has selected some fascinating images to get our creative juices flowing The image of the Steampunk Hand immediately drew me in and I could only think of Thing from theContinue reading “Sunday Muse”


Hi, this week in Mark’s great blog he informs us that we have entered the micro-season of “The Frost Stops the Rice Grows,” the second micro-season of the mini-season of Grain Rain Check it out – there are also some great hakus to read too. Mark challenges us to write a haiku or senryūContinue reading “Micro-Seasons”

Weekend Writing Prompt

Hi, today for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #309 She asks us to write a piece of flash fiction, a poem or anything we like, in 92 words using the word ‘Aplomb’. It is also poem 29, the penultimate for NaPoWriMo 😊 I was inspired by a little tortoiseshell butterfly, she has been hibernating inContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt”

Love Blossom

Hi, hope everyone is doing ok, this is verse twenty-eight for NaPoWriMo, it’s a tetractys poem, this poetic form invented by Ray Stebbing, it needs to consists of at least 5 lines of 1/2/3/4/10 syllables (total of 20). Tetractys can be written with more than one verse, but must follow with an inverted syllable count.Continue reading “Love Blossom”

🎵dVerse Poetics🎵

Hi, this week Punam is the host at the Poetics bar For today’s challenge we are asked to write a poem about music in any form, it can be mentioned fleetingly or be a poem dedicated to music. But we have to include at least two titles from the list of Linda Perry’s albums.Continue reading “🎵dVerse Poetics🎵”


Hi, this week on David’s W3, we have a new POW and it’s David himself 🙌 David asks us to write a poem of at least six lines that’s heavy on consonance or assonance, or both, I plumped for assonance (the repetition of similar vowel sounds), with my verse ‘Staying Brave’. It’s also poemContinue reading “W3”

Flash Challenge

This week for Fandango’s Flash Challenge he has selected the atmospheric painting above to inspire our writing Here is my poem and it’s number 25 for NaPoWriMo ❤️