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Haiku for the Daffodil

Hi in Mark’s inspiring blog he notes we have entered the last micro-season of the mini-season of First Winter, which is “The Daffodil Flowers”(Nov 18 – Nov 22). Mark invites us to write a haiku or senryu that references the daffodil and as it’s the emblem flower of Wales, I am very happy toContinue reading “Haiku for the Daffodil”

Weekend Triple Challenge

Hi it’s the last day of April (Poetry month) and for everyone who has been doing the NaPoWriMo challenge, it is almost complete! The prompt from Sammi is ‘Luminous’ for this weekend, to write something using this word or derivative of it in exactly 30 words. Fandango’s prompt today is ‘Negative’ and Ragtag’s word isContinue reading “Weekend Triple Challenge”