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Prompt of the Week

Hi, Lady Jabberwocky’s prompt for this week is to write a poem or piece of prose with a ‘farm’, as the setting: , my poem is entitled ‘on the fence’. Thanks for looking 🙂


Creative Poetry Practice

One of the great things about writing poetry is that we are never ‘incorrect‘, what constitutes a good or bad poem is merely in the eye of the reader. Creative poetry however, requires regular practice, the more time we give to our craft the more creative we become. I make time to write each day,Continue reading “Creative Poetry Practice”

Weekend Prompts

Hi – the weekend is here, Sammi’s challenge is to create a piece of writing in exactly 77 words using the prompt ‘catacomb’, I am combining this with Fandango’s challenge for today which is the word ‘snake’ and Ragtag’s prompt which is’ labyrinth’, you can see their links below. Here is my poem in 77Continue reading “Weekend Prompts”