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Hi came across this at David’s blog it looked like fun and it was 🙂 The Numberhyme has no more than 5 lines and no more than 5 words per line. Also, you get points – for every word that rhymes with any other word = 5 points and If two rhyming words occurContinue reading “Numberhyme”

Write ’till the end – #JusJoJan

Hi, well the last day of January and the last of JusJoJan and the daily prompts from Linda and also the end of the January challenge by Penny Wilson my number, if I remember correctly was 29 which I think I exceeded. Today Linda tasks us to write a post using the wordContinue reading “Write ’till the end – #JusJoJan”


Hello ‘Weavers’, welcome to W3 prompt hosted by David, (the Skeptic’s Kaddish) This week the chosen POW is D. Avery with a beautiful poem ‘Dream Seeds’. The prompt guidelines are to write a ‘Tetractys’ (5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables, total of 20) with the first and last word being theContinue reading “W3”


Hello ‘Weavers’, this is prompt number 31 hosted by David on his great blog, this week Sylvia Cognac is POW after her a fabulous chain verse haiku. The challenge posed by Sylvia is to write a shadorma poem the subject matter being food related (The shadorma consists of any number of six-line stanzas eachContinue reading “W3”

dVerse Dragon Call

Hi, Lisa (msjadeli) hosted this weeks dVerse Quadrille (44 words excluding the title), and she asks that the poem includes some form of the word ‘warm’, for further details see here: Here is my contribution, and a shout out for the boys in red tonight, a small nation with a big heart come onContinue reading “dVerse Dragon Call”


Hi this weeks W3 hosted by David has the poet Aishwarya Kannan as POW with a great poem ‘Beyond and above space’, Aishwarya has challenged us to write a ‘Chain’ rhyme (rhyme scheme that links together stanzas by carrying a rhyme over from one stanza to the next). Using at least 3 Haikus andContinue reading “W3”


Hello ‘Weavers’, welcome to W3 prompt hosted by David, (the Skeptic’s Kaddish) . The chosen POW is Paula Light, who wrote a fantastic Cadralor ‘Suit Weather’, Paula has invited us to write an acrostic poem on November – I got carried away and did two :).

D’Verse Quadrilles

Hi, at d’Verse we were asked to write a quadrille using the word ‘scare’ in some format, I have two for viewing but have to confess they are both edited versions of previously published poems, hopefully that is OK 🙂 ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Between the Cracks’:-


Hi, this week dVerse is hosted by Laura Bloomsbury, her poetry prompt it’s all about couples, that is to say couplets! We are invited to write a poem from the couplet forms listed (see link: I have chosen the Alpha Couplet : • A stanza of any length, consisting entirely of rhymed couplets. • TheContinue reading “dVerse”

The Coraline

Hi, the second today inspired by murisopsis ‘My Name scavenger hunt’, where she has selected a number of poetry forms which have names, please see link: This one is ‘The Coraline’ a form invented by Lisa Morris, it’s a modified Italian Octave with the following construction: The lines are octasyllabic, to be written preferableContinue reading “The Coraline”