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The Limerick (2)

I have previously blogged about the limerick, But today I decided to do one for My NaNoWriMo challenge and I also thought I would share some excellent examples of this poetic form! Perhaps the most famous for writing in this style is English writer, poet and illustrator, Edward Lear(1812-1888) The great American comic poetContinue reading “The Limerick (2)”

Pablo Neruda

Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda was born on this day, 12 July 1904 (1904-1973). Born Ricardo Eliezer Neftali Reyes y Basoalto, Neruda gave himself this writing name under which he would become famous while still in his early teens. In 1921 he left southern Chile for Santiago to attend school, he intendedContinue reading “Pablo Neruda”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau & his Influence

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), (Not to be confused with the Belgian independent film director with the same name), was born on 28th June in 1712, he was raised by his father as his mother died 9 days following his birth. He was a philosopher, writer, and composer. His political philosophy influenced the progress of the EnlightenmentContinue reading “Jean-Jacques Rousseau & his Influence”

John Cleveland

John Cleveland (1613 – 1658), was born on this day in 1613, Loughborough, UK, he was an English poet, very popular in his time, but in later years an abused Metaphysical poet, many considering his poems merely intellectual gymnastics, he was well known for throwing in words in his poems not because they actually madeContinue reading “John Cleveland”

Ruthven Campbell Todd

Ruthven Campbell Todd was born on this day in 1914, not a well known but an artist of merit. He was a Scottish-born poet, artist, novelist and early scholar of William Blake, he also wrote detective fiction under the pseudonym R.T. Campbell. Although he was born in Edinburgh and had his education in Scotland, ToddContinue reading “Ruthven Campbell Todd”

Poet – Maxine Kumin

American poet and author Maxine Kumin, née Winokur, (1925-2014) was born on this day June 6 in 1925. She has been compared with poets such as Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Frost, as she wrote about life in rural New England. In an interview published in Crazy Horse, she disclosed: “Practically all of [my poems] haveContinue reading “Poet – Maxine Kumin”

Walter Whitman

Walter Whitman, (1819 -1892) was born on this day May 31 in 1819 in West Hills, Long Island, he is one of the most influential American poets, often called the father of free verse. Whitman’s major poetry collection, ‘Leaves of Grass’, was first published in 1855 with his own money and became very famous. HeContinue reading “Walter Whitman”

Keeping a Journal

As well as using your journal has a ‘therapist’, who listens without judgment to your thoughts, it is useful for your writing too. With regard to poetry, keeping a journal can help you catalogue striking images and thoughts as they occur to you throughout your day. It is a good idea to get into theContinue reading “Keeping a Journal”

Nonsense Poetry

Following on from yesterday’s comic theme, let’s discuss nonsense poems, well they do what they say ‘on the tin’ – don’t always make sense sometimes they have made up words to describe things, or just to make a nice sound. Nonsense poems, often use made up words, mixed up with real words – they areContinue reading “Nonsense Poetry”