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As part of NaNoWriMo I am writing a haiku each day – I know it’s not a novel but it’s what I know I can achieve – hopefully 🙂 As part of NaNoWriMo I am writing a haiku each day – now – I know it’s not a novel but it’s what I knowContinue reading “NaNoWriMo”


Hello ‘Weavers’, welcome to W3 prompt hosted by David, (the Skeptic’s Kaddish) . The chosen POW is Paula Light, who wrote a fantastic Cadralor ‘Suit Weather’, Paula has invited us to write an acrostic poem on November – I got carried away and did two :).

Tanka Tuesday

Hi today on Tanka Tuesday it’s the #TastetheRainbow challenge, where we are encouraged to write in the form of choice, a poem which includes a colour. My chosen form is the haiku and the colour ‘purple’, thanks for looking 🙂

D’Verse Quadrilles

Hi, at d’Verse we were asked to write a quadrille using the word ‘scare’ in some format, I have two for viewing but have to confess they are both edited versions of previously published poems, hopefully that is OK 🙂 ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Between the Cracks’:-

Happy Celtic New Year

Calan Gaeaf/Samhain Welcomed to the first day of the Celtic new year, last night as part of the ancient ritual a festival of fire took place in various places around the nations. Among the ancient Celts, the year was seen to be divided into a light half and a dark half. As the day wasContinue reading “Happy Celtic New Year”

The Witching Hour

Hi – 1st November and the final day of Sammi’s 13 Days of Samhain 😦 which I have really enjoyed – Horror / Halloween writing prompt challenge and today we are invited to write to the prompt ‘The Witching Hour’. Here is mine 🙂

Halloween Muse

Hi, happy Halloween, this is in response to Carrie’s ‘Sunday Muse’, a day late I know!, we are invited to write a poem or vignette using one of the pictures featured, there are some great images I have chosen the one below for my haiku, thanks for looking 🙂