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Weekend Writing Prompt

Hi, hope everyone is having a good day, Sammi has set her weekend challenge (see link below), it is to write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 46 words using the word “Year”. Here is my poem, (NB Taid is Grandad in Welsh, my Taid, Shem, joined the army in 1914 at theContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt”


Pablo Neruda

Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda was born on 12 July 1904 (1904-1973). Born Ricardo Eliezer Neftali Reyes y Basoalto, Neruda gave himself this writing name under which he would become famous while still in his early teens. In 1921 he left southern Chile for Santiago to attend school, he intended to beContinue reading “Pablo Neruda”

Weaver’s 11

Hello ‘Weavers’, this is the 11th W3 prompt hosted by David (see link below), the poem prompt this week is by Steven S. Wallace, entitled ‘Oh Luna’ a lovely lament of the sun to the moon, the guideline is to write a poem which includes three proper nouns, in less than 100 words and anyContinue reading “Weaver’s 11”