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“The Geese Arrive”

In Marks post ( he discloses that we have entered the micro-season of “The Geese Arrive”. This is the first micro-season of the mini-season of Cold Dew: The Geese Arrive (Oct 08 – Oct 12; The Chrysanthemum Flowers (Oct 13 – Oct 17) and The Grasshopper Sings (Oct 18 – Oct 22) This week MarkContinue reading ““The Geese Arrive””

Sunday Muse

Hi, it’s Sunday here in the UK and I came across The Sunday Muse from reading David’s post (Skeptic Kaddish). It was a hard choice but had to go with one of my favourite artists Frida Kahlo, here is my poem, thanks for looking in .

Summer’s Echoes

Hi, for this poem I have taken the word prompt Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, which is ‘decorate’, we are invited to write a post using that word, it can be prose, poetry, or even a picture or a drawing, you can see the site here: My poem is entitled ‘summer’s echoes’, thanks for looking 🙂Continue reading “Summer’s Echoes”

The Beat Generation

Hi, this is in response to the invitation from SANAARIZVI at dVerse, This is my Poem for dVerse Poetics, entitled ‘Beatnik Blues‘, (I am sure it would have been very interesting to spend some time with Jack Kerouac 🙂 ):


Hello ‘Weavers’, welcome to W3 prompt hosted by David, the Skeptic Kaddish:, I am really happy the chosen POW is Steven S Wallace, his prompt is to write a poem after reading the short poem ‘Superiority to Fate’ by one of my favourite poets Emily Dickinson. Here is my poem ‘Inferiority to destiny’, thanksContinue reading “W3”

The Wisdom of Gandalf

Hi, today I was inspired by Sammi’s ‘Tolkien Tuesday’ post and her The Lord of the Rings Question of the Week: ‘What aspects of Gandalf do you think are worthy of remembrance, if you were to write a poem in his memory?’ I decided to look at some of Gandalf’s dialogue in the booksContinue reading “The Wisdom of Gandalf”