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Hibernating Creatures

In Mark’s blog on ‘Micro-Seasons‘, he discusses the mini-seasons of Autumn Equinox, (秋分 Shūbun), which are: Mark describes the first micro-season this week, the second is the time when ‘hibernating creatures close their doors’, (I might have jumped the gun here as he may very well be discussing ‘hibernation’ next week”!). But thanks for readingContinue reading “Hibernating Creatures”

Thunder Lowers Its Voice

Hi it’s Monday and once again a new week of writing calls. This week in Mark’s blog on ‘Micro-Seasons‘, he discussed the mini-season of Autumn Equinox (秋分 Shūbun), the first micro-season is ‘Thunder Lowers Its Voice (Sep 22 – Sep 27)’. Each week Mark includes haikus that relate to the subject and gives an invitationContinue reading “Thunder Lowers Its Voice”

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