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Inspiring Images

Yesterday we looked at inspiration from our dreams today is a little more tangible, what do the images below say to you, spend a few minutes concentrating on the lovely pictures (courtesy of hello@omycotton.com) and then pick up your pen and write….maybe a story or a beautiful poem – you decide – (my contribution isContinue reading “Inspiring Images”

Dreams as Inspiration

In 1996 psychiatrist, Ernest Hartmann wrote that dreams are explanatory metaphors in mostly visual form: “The dream pictures metaphorically the overall state – especially the emotional state – of the dreamer….‘I am drowning in a tidal wave’ is a metaphorical description for the emotional state of the dreamer involving terror and vulnerability.” Elements of ourContinue reading “Dreams as Inspiration”

Song & Rhyme Poetry

Yesterday I talked about rhyming poetry which can be challenging, but they’re still fun to write. Rhyming is good practice for exploring musicality in language and experimenting with word play. Let’s Get creative: For this exercise you just need a song — a simple rhythmic and rhyming song, a short pop song will work well.Continue reading “Song & Rhyme Poetry”

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