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Hi, and Happy St David’s Day

Selma is POW for David’s W3 following her great Haibun last week. Selma’s guidelines are to write a ‘prose poem’ in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow.

The format for the ‘prose poem’ will be like a breaking good news story that will benefit everyone with a bold attractive title and a beginning/middle/end.

Here is my wish 🙂


Published by poetisatinta

I was born and live in rural North Wales (UK) and found poetry again after a lifetime, so grateful I did :)

23 thoughts on “W3

  1. YES!! I would embrace this technology in a heartbeat!! Bad weather – pffft no problem. Long distance – evaporated! No vacation time – a quick get-away realized! (I’m lapsing into a wonderful daydream…)

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  2. Ange, Transit Transporters?! Wow, yes, please! To be transported to a pavement cafe in Paris to sip wine and be transported back home in time for tea– how cool is that! And yes, the gas emission problem that’s hurting our ozone will be no more. Good news, good news indeed. I am so happy to read this lovely breaking news.

    And I will copy your words: “I’m ready, Captain– beam me up!”

    Stupendous. Thanks for your lovely response to the prompt. Blessings. I wish you miracles.

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